Childcare Connect – Our Principles
We are a "Not for Profit" peer-to-peer community childcare and virtual education service, aimed at preparing the country to get back to work as the peak of CoronaVirus passes and the current lockdown is released.

Founding Principles
Not for profit
We would have set up as a Charity if it did not take so long, and was not so complicated when some fees are being exchanged between Parents and Childcarers/Turors. However, we are a NOT FOR PROFIT business and are focused on giving back in these times of need

Getting the Country back to work
It is vital that we get the country back to work and childcare at a time when mainstream schools are likely to be shut until September-November, has never been more important for getting the country back to work

Giving back
We believe the Corona Virus has reinvigorated the concept of community and giving back. We therefore will set some broad guidelines for hourly charges with lower suggested charges for key workers and a recommendation for Childcares to charge for 80% of their time, but to give 20% free to people who really need it

Team leader and Decentralisation
To balance speed of roll out with “Control”, we believe it vital to recruit local leaders who can coordinate all activity in their local community. We aim to create central tools and technology that can be implemented at a local level by local people

Parental Responsibility
Standard child protection such as DBS checks are fundamentals, but small group child care on a peer to peer basis, requires Parents to take a greater degree of responsibility to use the tools we provide to go further. For example, we recommend “virtual interviews” that allow parents to meet prospective childcares in advance and for either party to see the proposed location for the child care

Using the latest technology
At all stages we are looking to “modernise” how child care is done. We believe in using Video conferencing tools to pre-screen child carers and parents, along with Social media tools like Facebook to source childcare suitability recommendation from Parents, peers and children on a fully visible and cementable basis on childcares timelines

Virtual Tuition
As with Childcare there are a number of virtual educators in the market, but few Virtual Education assistants. We want mobile university and 6th form students who have recently completed the same education to help children with the homework schools are setting them virtually in small groups using the latest video technologies like Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime and Houseparty

Safety first
We are of course 100% focused on child safety and will do everything we can to ensure that but as a virtual business, we also have to push as much responsibility as possible to parents and local childcare leaders.