Corona Clear Certificates
Childcare Connect expects that post the peak of the Corona Virus outbreak in the UK, the Government will follow other countries like China, issuing Corona Free electronic certificates that people will carry around on their phones. Green will indicate that you have been tested and had the virus, giving you a degree of immunity and therefore present a lower risk of spreading the disease and can return to work. Yellow will show you have not had the virus yet so are partially restricted and Red is when you're required to be self-isolating.

The key is obviously providing enough testing to allow this and the Government will clearly prioritise medical and key workers first within its targeted 100,000 test a day from the end of April 2020. Childcare connect believes that the Government should then prioritize testing its proposed network of volunteer childcarers, so that it can provide the vital support to key workers to get them back to work. We also expect the Government to introduce a centralised register for each test. Because health workers are clearly still going to be busy, it is expected that a similar 'validation' process to passport photos is introduced with Chemist staff and professionals such as teachers, accountants and lawyers validating the test result during the online registration process. Childcare connect requires each Childcare worker to self-certificate that they have a Corona Clear status and once a central Government Database is available we will seek to provide automated validation via our technology stack.