Code of Conduct for adults working with children
This behaviour code outlines the conduct Childcare Connect expects from all our members. This includes trustees, staff, all members and anyone who is undertaking duties for the organisation, whether paid or unpaid. The behaviour code aims to help us protect children and young people from abuse and reduce the possibility of unfounded allegations being made. It has been informed by the views of children and young people. Childcare Connect is responsible for making sure everyone taking part in our services has seen, understood and agreed to follow the code of behaviour, and that they understand the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.
The Role of the member
In your role at Childcare Connect you are acting in a position of authority and have a duty of care towards the children and young people we work with. You are likely to be seen as a role model and are expected to act appropriately.
You are responsible for:
You should:
You should:
You should:
Rules on technology and social media usage (Department for Education, 2019a).
You should:
Unacceptable behaviour
When working with children and young people, you must not:
Upholding this code of behaviour
You should always follow this code of behaviour and never rely on your reputation or that of our organisation to protect you. If you have behaved inappropriately you will be subject to our disciplinary procedures.

Depending on the seriousness of the situation, you may be asked to leave Childcare Connect.

We may also make a report to statutory agencies such as the police and/or the local authority child protection services.

If you become aware of any breaches of this code, you must report them to

If necessary you should follow our whistleblowing procedure and safeguarding and child protection procedures.