Taking care of key worker's families so they can take care of us...
If you're able to help take care of key worker's children, register now at Childcare Connect and offer your support as we come out of Corona Lockdown
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Getting the country back to work!
As we emerge from Corona lock down, we need to give back and help with small group childcare, to replace schools that will remain shut in the short term.

This is vital to support Keyworkers, such as NHS staff and also parents generally who need to get back to work.

Let's get the Country back to work
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Childcare Connect
We are a 'Not for Profit' peer-to-peer community childcare and virtual education service

Currently we are in a Coronavirus lockdown, but soon we will be released and it's vital that people who have been tested and certified as Corona Free to give back to the community by providing essential childcare to NHS staff, Keyworkers and parents returning to work.

The NHS loses 25% of its potential staff hours each day because of childcare issues

Children are potential super spreaders and this is why schools and universities have been shut down and may remain shut until September and potentially to November.

Access to group childcare is therefore highly restricted and we want to create 'Community' small group childcare hosted by a network of house mums and qualified students by using the latest technologies available.

20% of childcare hours will be donated by childcarers FREE and via our 'Don't Just Clap' fundraising campaign we hope to provide many more FREE hours of childcare to NHS staff to allow them to work or Simply Relax.

We also aim to help all Keyworkers with low cost childcare and also get the country back to work by helping All parents with theirchildcare needs.

Let's get the Country back to work!
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